Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Savannah, Georgia Summer Festivals

An absolute must see...The 13th Annual Doggie Carnival

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 2, 2013 from Noon – 6pm for Savannah's finest and funnest summertime festival: The 13th Annual Doggie Carnival in Forsyth Park; right across from Forsyth Park Inn. Why not sit on our veranda  sip on sweet southern tea (the house-wine of the South), and watch all the fabulous neighborhood dogs make their summertime debut in the park!!
This fundraising event, if you haven’t participated before, is a fun-filled carnival with great tasting food, interactive games for everyone, prize winning contests, and the best dog-watching event of the year, all in our most beautiful park, FORSYTH PARK! And this year? We're bringing you so much more! We're adding live heart-bumping music, even more carnival-like activities, a true beer garden for those that wanna a drink, and a little more time to enjoy all of the FANTASTIC DOGGIE FUN!




    Age Suitability : 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Savannah, Georgia Magnolia Trees

Just this past week all of Savannah's Historic District have been watching their beautiful, much talked about Magnolia trees bloom! The sweet, intoxicating scent and the beauty our magnificent trees offer leave our out-of-towners with a true memory to take back home. The locals are mesmerized each and every time these fine trees bloom; see photos captured by our Concierge's stroll:

Concierge iPhone photo
A bit about the tree... A tree that is famous in the South, and has gained its popularity due to its giant white flowers that appear and bloom in June making nice decoration for outdoor Savannah-style weddings and outdoor themed events. Come to Savannah and take your picture with one of our fine Magnolias!!


Forsyth Park Inn Breakfast

Gourmet breakfast dishes being served up at the Forsyth Park Inn. Visit our website: to see more about our specialty breakfasts and fine amenities.

Fresh Raspberry, Blackberry, and Blueberry mint and honey yogurt parfaits made with homemade cinnamon spiced granola!!  Can you say YUM??
Photo captured by Forsyth Park Inn cook

Savannah, Georgia Confederate Jasmine

Savannah's notorious Confederate Jasmine is blooming all over town; the scent of sweet Summer-time jasmine is absolutely divine. See photos captured by our concierge while on a evening Savannah style stroll:

A bit about the plant...Confederate jasmine is an intoxicatingly fragrant vine that is grown widely in the Southeast. Its versatile nature makes it a great plant for many settings. Contrary to its name, Confederate jasmine is not native to the Southeast, nor is it a true jasmine. It is actually native to China and is known scientifically as Trachelospermum jasminoides. In early spring and summer, Confederate jasmine produces clusters of small, white flowers that look like tiny pinwheels. Despite their diminutive size, the flowers pack a huge punch of sweet fragrance and can easily perfume an entire yard.
- Courtesy of University of Florida

Friday, May 10, 2013

Y'all Come Back Now!

We do our best to make Forsyth Park Inn feel like home to our guests. It's never shocking to see the same faces year after year. It's always a pleasure to meet new people and find out what specific needs they have; i.e: dietary restrictions, favorite desserts, preferred breakfast times, social outing likes and dislikes, favorite wines, and so on. When you stay with us, we treat you like an old friend. We do our very best to make sure your entire stay is enjoyable. The concierge will tell you everything you want to know about the Historic District; Places to see, things to avoid; Good restaurants, bad ones. Basically, we want you to have a great time in Savannah filled with positive experiences and fond memories and we do our very best to help steer you toward the most delightful parts of the city and try to guide your touring in a way that leaves you wanting to come back. If you only have a few days to spend here, why waste any of that precious time? Your concierge will entertain you in the evening with great ghost stories or just a friendly chit-chat. There is simply so much to do while you're in Savannah! While you are out, our staff works hard to ensure that your return is welcoming and that you want for nothing. Each night you receive a lovely bed turn down service so that when you enter your room it feels warm and restful. Delicious homemade desserts are prepared for you nightly as well as decaf coffee (regular upon request) and a variety of hot teas. Each evening between 6 and 7pm we serve hor's dourves with a light wine spritzer or sangria. Our guests enjoy this social hour and have given it many names: "happy hour", "cocktail time", "delight time", "the evening mingle", and many more. We love to get to know our guest and hope they will share their experiences with us and others.
   If you haven't stayed with us before, it's never too late. We book very quickly because we are a small establishment, so be sure to reserve your room in advance. Hopefully we will be able to make old friends with many more guests than we already have and can see the same faces year after year. Each time someone checks out and travels on their way, it's slightly sad but still we are reminded of the service we are providing for our guests and hope that they return soon. "Y'all come back now!"

To book directly, simply call 912.233.6800 anytime between 8am and 8pm or you can visit our website

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About The Forsyth Park Inn

Q: Do all the rooms have private baths?
A: Yes, all rooms have private baths. Tub types do vary from room to room so, be sure to inquire upon making a reservation.

Q: Do you allow pets/ is there a pet fee?
A: Yes, we allow pets; however, only in our Courtyard Cottage. Yes, there is a one time pet fee of $40 for one pet and $50 for two or more pets. If you have multiple pets, please know that there is a limit to the number/ size of pets our Courtyard Cottage can accommodate.

Q: What are evening Hor's Dourves?
A: Hor's Dourves happen every night between 6pm and 7pm with exceptions on holidays. We serve light appetizers and wine spritzer or Sangria. Plain wine is available upon request as well as vegan/vegetarian options. This social hour is a great time to mingle with other guests. You can relax in the parlor or on the sweeping veranda.

Q: What about parking?
A: All parking is street parking on either side of Hall street. There is street sweeping on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm  until midnight. On Tuesday's after 8pm you must be parked across the street from the Inn and on Wednesday's after 8pm you must park on the side of the street closest to the Inn. If ever you cannot find a space close enough for your comfort, simply ask the concierge where they are parked and we will happily move for your convenience.

Q: Did you make that?
A: Yes! We home cook everything you consume. Made from scratch breakfasts, hor's dourves, and desserts. If you love it enough, just ask for the recipe.

Q: Do all of the rooms have fireplaces?
A: All of the rooms do have fireplaces except the Cottage. However, because the house is so old and wooden, not all of the fireplaces work. Most of them have been blocked off for years. Rooms that have working fireplaces include: #3, #5, #9. We only allow the fireplaces to be lit during the cold season.

Q: Is there a smoking area available for smokers who stay at the Inn?
A: Yes, smoking is permitted in our Courtyard Only.

Q: Are you walking distance from Downtown Savannah?
A: We are at the south end of the Historic District. Roughly 1 mile from River Street and just 20 acres from the end of Forsyth Park. Everything is close. The entire Historic District is only 2.2 square miles.

Q: Do you have an overnight Concierge?
A: No, our concierge leaves between 8:30 and 9pm and returns at 8am. There are emergency numbers for you in case anything happens in the night as well as a late check-in procedure if you will be arriving after hours.

Q: Is there free wi-fi?
A: Yes, we offer free wi-fi to all of our guests, simply ask a concierge for the password.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Please leave us a comment if you have a question you would like answered! Or as always, give us a call 912.233.6800 between 8am and 8pm  daily. You may also visit our website: