Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Savannah Blogs

Check out this great blog called Savannah Secrets

Anything from dining to history tid bits on this ALL-SAVANNAH BLOG

They've seriously thought of it all....just look at what they cover:
spa, weddings, dining, nightlife, art, family, tours, and advice too!

Enjoy small plates, craft cocktails and the chic atmosphere at Chive Sea Lounge.
Savannah date night locations....Chive on Broughton St.
Our friend, Albert enjoying a pretty afternoon in Forsyth Park. Photo credit: Brittney Turner, Savannah
Pet friendly Savannah style - it's an everyday occurrence round here!
Just a few pics from the blog so you can see what its all about
Looking fashionable on the steps of The Armstrong House • 1940
Fashion in front of the Armstrong House (a stroll away from the inn)

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