Thursday, May 9, 2013

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About The Forsyth Park Inn

Q: Do all the rooms have private baths?
A: Yes, all rooms have private baths. Tub types do vary from room to room so, be sure to inquire upon making a reservation.

Q: Do you allow pets/ is there a pet fee?
A: Yes, we allow pets; however, only in our Courtyard Cottage. Yes, there is a one time pet fee of $40 for one pet and $50 for two or more pets. If you have multiple pets, please know that there is a limit to the number/ size of pets our Courtyard Cottage can accommodate.

Q: What are evening Hor's Dourves?
A: Hor's Dourves happen every night between 6pm and 7pm with exceptions on holidays. We serve light appetizers and wine spritzer or Sangria. Plain wine is available upon request as well as vegan/vegetarian options. This social hour is a great time to mingle with other guests. You can relax in the parlor or on the sweeping veranda.

Q: What about parking?
A: All parking is street parking on either side of Hall street. There is street sweeping on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm  until midnight. On Tuesday's after 8pm you must be parked across the street from the Inn and on Wednesday's after 8pm you must park on the side of the street closest to the Inn. If ever you cannot find a space close enough for your comfort, simply ask the concierge where they are parked and we will happily move for your convenience.

Q: Did you make that?
A: Yes! We home cook everything you consume. Made from scratch breakfasts, hor's dourves, and desserts. If you love it enough, just ask for the recipe.

Q: Do all of the rooms have fireplaces?
A: All of the rooms do have fireplaces except the Cottage. However, because the house is so old and wooden, not all of the fireplaces work. Most of them have been blocked off for years. Rooms that have working fireplaces include: #3, #5, #9. We only allow the fireplaces to be lit during the cold season.

Q: Is there a smoking area available for smokers who stay at the Inn?
A: Yes, smoking is permitted in our Courtyard Only.

Q: Are you walking distance from Downtown Savannah?
A: We are at the south end of the Historic District. Roughly 1 mile from River Street and just 20 acres from the end of Forsyth Park. Everything is close. The entire Historic District is only 2.2 square miles.

Q: Do you have an overnight Concierge?
A: No, our concierge leaves between 8:30 and 9pm and returns at 8am. There are emergency numbers for you in case anything happens in the night as well as a late check-in procedure if you will be arriving after hours.

Q: Is there free wi-fi?
A: Yes, we offer free wi-fi to all of our guests, simply ask a concierge for the password.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Please leave us a comment if you have a question you would like answered! Or as always, give us a call 912.233.6800 between 8am and 8pm  daily. You may also visit our website:

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