Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jerry Runs Into Savannah Reality TV Celebrity

This past Sunday, September 19th, while entertaining out-of-town friends in his downtown tiki-torch filled yard, Jerry Eastridge, Night Concierge, heard a strange but familiar voice. Jerry heard a soft “Heeeeyyyyy yaaaa’lll” from about a block away.

Was it Paula Deen, Queen of Southern Cuisine? Too softly spoken. Then he heard “Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!” from a passing car. It was Ruby Gettinger, inspirational weight loss diva, with her own Style Network’s reality television show.

Jerry ran to get his camera and snapped a few fan photos on his doorstep. The last few times he was not as fortunate and the crowd too large to get individual pictures. Forsyth Park Inn would like to host her Californian friends if they visit Savannah this coming Spring!

(L) to (R) Ruby, Jerry, Georgia (Ruby’s best friend), and Jim (Ruby’s nephew). Also in attendance was Ruby’s ex-boyfriend, Denny.

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